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Graph Information

This graph shows the run time of the four different processes making up a munin-master run. Munin-master is run from cron every 5 minutes and we want each of the programmes in munin-master to complete before the next instance starts. Especially munin-update and munin-graph are time consuming and their run time bears watching. If munin-update uses too long time to run please see the munin-update graph to determine which host is slowing it down. If munin-graph is running too slow you need to get clever (email the munin-users mailing list) unless you can buy a faster computer with better disks to run munin on.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
munin update update gauge 0:260  0:300   
munin graph graph gauge 0:1500  0:2000   
munin html html gauge      
munin limits limits gauge